Consultation and Landscape Design Plans

We will save you time and money by using one of our landscape architects to design plans before doing any landscaping.  We can design your property to be naturalistic or highly cultivated.  Details can include a variety of rockwork, water features, hardscaping and landscape carpentry.  We will work with you to design an environment that is both welcoming and relaxing.


The construction stage is where we turn your landscape design into reality.  At Kleck’s we have the equipment and the manpower to alter your property into something beautiful.  Details can include garden arbours, pergolas, decks, waterfalls, ponds & water gardens, pondless ponds, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, patios and more.


Our staff are trained in the correct and proper methods of installing plant materials, stone walls, water features, patios and gardens.  We make sure you get healthy beautiful plants and only use quality materials when following your design plans.


The management of your site is very important to us.  Watching your site mature and grow is extremely rewarding as it becomes more beautiful each year.  Proper management of sites is crucial in retaining their beauty and value. We offer year-round maintenance programs and an array of services.  Some of these services include lawn maintenance, fertilization, weed control and pruning.

Commercial & Industrial Winter Maintenance

Some of us enjoy the beauty and tranquility of freshly fallen snow, but for business owners and property managers, winter weather can be a challenge that must be dealt with quickly and efficiently.   Because public safety has always been our first priority, we’ll provide you with top quality, immediate service whenever necessary.  We are fully insured with liability, WSIB and vehicle insurance for your protection while on your property.  We have the skilled manpower, reliable equipment, knowledge and expertise to keep your property clear of ice and snow, day or night, 24/7 for a safe winter season.  We will provide either contract or hourly services and we pride ourselves on our quick response time and dependable, trouble-free service.

Don’t wait until you’re snowed in to think about snow and ice removal.  Contact us now and rest easy.

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